PGDirect 11 Reasons


Having your books sold through PGDirect complements the workflows that most publishers currently have in place.  PGDirect is your 3rd Option (and most likely, we will prove to be your best).


The corporate structure at PGDirect is different than other book printer/seller combinations.  We can sell publishers’ books at a lower price because most of the publishers’ discounts are passed on to the consumer, ultimately resulting in the sale of more books.


PG’s printing quality is excellent, printing & binding options extensive, and costs are competitive.


PGDirect helps market publishers’ titles by periodically featuring books on the homepage with About the Author features.


PGDirect offers books that are environmentally friendly.  Since PG prints and binds every book sold by PGDirect, all the materials used are FSC certified.


PG’s production process only occurs after a book is sold, thereby assuring no waste or remainders, and no book ever being listed as “out of stock”.


Quick turnaround (48 hours for softcover/72 for hardcover) gets books to consumers faster as the order streams seamlessly from retailer into production instantly.


Creative use of social media between PGDirect, publishers and authors enables organic growth on the internet and builds strong backlinks for optimizing SEO plans.


PGDirect and PG offer a personal touch to our business relationships and customizable solutions.


PGDirect’s Reprint Center allows publishers to sell to their authors via unique portals for each author, 24/7, with customizable pricing, packing lists, and invoicing.


PGDirect sells publishers’ books, prints and binds them, ships them, bills them, collects the payment and sends publishers a check for their profits each month. Get set up on PGDirect and enjoy getting a check for just being.