The modeling of a humane Society

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Truthfulness means more than merely telling the truth. It is a way of life. Truth defines who we are. We make the truth known to others not only by what we say but also by what we do. If we are to impart truth to others, we must be truthful in all ways. Our reputations for truthfulness and honesty will have powerful impact on how people respond to what we teach. They too would like to know, “what is responsible for this person’s moral strength?”Filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit Jesus said in prayer, “Father, I publicly praise you, Lord of Heaven and Earth. I thank you because you have shown to the uneducated what you have hidden from the wise and the educated. Oh yes father, this was how you wanted it to happen” What information does this verse in Luke 10 verse 21 want to let us know about our lives today?


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