Tuck Me In, relaxing yourself to sleep



Everyone of all ages can benefit from a deeper, more restful sleep. Consciously letting go of our day prepares a place for our body, mind, and emotions to relax so that our spirit is free to take us into the genuine sleep and rejuvenation we really need. The process is simple. Tuck Me In shows us how. Martha’s soothing words and watercolors calm us down, relaxing us into sleep in a peaceful, loving, and nourishing way.


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About the Author

Martha is a creative artist; a soul listener, author and completion consultant based in Ojai, CA. Martha is President of Martha Ringer Consulting. She lives and teaches completing as a way of life. Her clients include corporate executives, business owners and individuals worldwide. Her coaching brings consciousness to action resulting in increased effectiveness, energy and creativity. Through her books and products she encourages supporting the preciousness we all are, inspiring us to simplify our lives, focusing on what brings the heart peace.

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