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Published: 20170825

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About the Author

Mansib Rahman is the heinous and uninspiring mastermind behind this slackjob of a book (which he is very proud of by the way). He was formerly a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, where he encouraged kids to use NoSQL databases because it was “web-scale”. And he tried to get them hooked on Azure. Lots of Azure. His lifelong dream is to one day invent the Kinect Mini, a miniature and easily mountable version of the Kinect meant to be deployed en masse to create interactive projection mapping experiences and monitor vital signs for triage scenarios during natural disasters.

Mansib is currently the R&D Technical Lead at Desjardins Lab, where he watches BBC documentaries on the HoloLens all day and hacks together holographic telepresence apps on it all night. His other hobbies include canoeing, playing the sax, and opening restaurants. His best friend is his cat Mittens, although they don’t talk much. He lives in Montreal, Canada and doesn’t yet have children to mention in this bio.
You can follow him on Twitter at @gaessaki or reach out to him on LinkedIn. His favorite blog (disclaimer: it’s his own blog) is ramenscafe.

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