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  • The Club

    The Club

    Grant, Walter Your Price: $17.95

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About the Author

Having been involved with secret organizations on either side of the law, Mr. Grant is experienced in a wide array of clandestine operations. Some he can’t talk about. Some he dares not mention. He knows more about DEA gray-room operations than he should; ditto for the highly competitive world of industrial espionage. Bribes and favors are solicited and paid in all segments of society; from Main Street to Wall Street, from the ballot box to the highest levels of government. Don’t ask him how he knows–he won’t tell you.

As a student of history and human nature Mr. Grant’s quest for knowledge took him far beyond America’s shores. He learned old-world countries are far more adapt at applying furtive tactics–it is in the genes of their countrymen and part of their culture. He believes by combining tried and true policies of the past in a modern-day stratagem The Club can save America from the fate all other countries suffered–each in turn, they rose to prominence and then, with the passing of time, ended up on the ash heap of suffering, misery, and heartbreak.

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