About PG Direct, online bookstore and print on demand bookstore for self-published books, print on demand books, textbooks and more.

PGDirect, Not Your Typical Online Bookstore!

PGDirect is a unique, online bookstore that only sells books that are manufactured by Publishers’ Graphics. For now, that means the titles are limited to those publishers who have embraced the concept of direct to consumer selling.  Thus it is the bookstore’s mission to grow, add titles, and become the largest online retailer that manufactures everything it sells.
Pubgraphics Direct Book Store

Why is that important?

    In 1996, Nick and Kathleen Lewis founded Publishers’ Graphics. At that time, only a few companies were digitally printing and manufacturing books in small quantities.  Over the years, Publishers’ Graphics has become one of the leading manufacturers capable of printing and binding one book at a time, both hard and soft cover, black and white or color.

How does that make PGDirect and Publishers’ Graphics different?

    The manufacturing process, as well as selling directly to the consumer, eliminates waste, conserves energy and reduces the carbon footprint to its very minimum. The materials used in producing the books are all FSC certified. So the end result and why this matters is important to everyone:

PGDirect allows a consumer to get a book that was produced specifically for them with all efforts being respectful of the earth.

Help us grow! Tell your family, friends, colleagues, librarians, teachers and authors about PGDirect. It is our mission to grow!.