Antioxidants on poor freezable crossbred bull semen

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Over the last few years,the good quality poor freezable semen was not utilized effectively due to less knowledge about the freezability of semen. There are many reasons,the sperm becomes poor freezable and one is the lack of sufficient antioxidants in the seminal plasma and semen extender. The antioxidant content is reduced during the cryopreservation process and causes premature cryocapacitation and modification of sperm membrane structure upon thawing. So study of the pre-freezing and post thaw seminal parameters like viability, motility, acrosomal integrity, lipid peroxide assay, vanguard distance traveled by sperm, mitochondrial membrane potential, velocity and motility parameters (CASA) and field fertility trial were helped to assess the effectiveness of the additives. The conception rate was better in reduced glutathione than cysteine hydrochloride treated group. The glutathione has improved the poor freezable and maintained the good freezable semen with regards to the freezability.Thus enhanced the field fertility rate and in turn helped to prevent wastage of good quality germplasm and repeat breeder syndrome in cows.

Antioxidants on poor freezable crossbred bull semen
Perumal P.
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Perumal P.

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