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Why do businesses continue to use Microsoft’s BizTalk Server as the backbone to integrate line-of-business applications with their trading partners and how do recent changes make it even more effective? With the advent of Azure, we have a unique opportunity to enhance BizTalk functionality including reducing the cost of operations and maintenance. This book offers three solutions for the reader on ways to leverage BizTalk to get more from existing deployments or find ways to modernize the deployment via Azure. Microsoft partners are playing a significant role in enhancing the capabilities of BizTalk and this book includes sections that provide an in-depth review of BizTalk 360 © and the WPC HIPAA DB Toolkit ©. Over the recent past, Web 3.0 has also introduced many new concepts and open source technologies and this book covers ways to leverage these to enhance your BizTalk deployment. The authors start with a survey of the existing BizTalk Server – its history, patterns, and state of affairs -and go on to provide an in-depth elaboration of three messaging patterns that customers use for BizTalk; the advantages of updating to SQL Server 2016; a review of partner solutions that enhance BizTalk; and BizTalk with Web 3.0 for custom solutions. The book concludes with a comparison of the three viable BizTalk Azure application solutions that will enable you to make the best choice for your business.

Suren Machiraju and Suraj Gaurav
De|G Press
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Paperback / softback
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9.06 H x 6.10 W (inches)

Suren Machiraju and Suraj Gaurav

Suren Machiraju, Suraj Gaurav

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Suren Machiraju, Suraj Gaurav

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