Carbon Pool of Oak Forests in Central Himalayas, India

ISBN: 9783845428734

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Himalayas, the largest body of snow and ice outside the two poles, the north and the south, are often called the Third Pole. Having significant impact on global climate system, the Himalayas have emerged as a hot spot of climate change on earth. Natural oak forests serve as crucial carbon repositories in the mountains, especially in the mid-altitudes. In order to enhance Himalayas’ role in climate change mitigation, we need to preserve and augment oak forests. Even the smallest degree of disturbance by humans records a marked decline in carbon amounts sequestered in forest biomass and soils. The book examines carbon storage of the natural and disturbed oak forests in Indian Central Himalayas. The status of carbon pool of the oak forests would serve as an indicator of the degree of climate change. Carbon storage in full capacity of the oak forest ecosystems could also serve as important strategy of climate change mitigation in the Himalayas. And this critical role of the “”Third Pole”” would be instrumental in putting the climate system of the world back into order. The book will be of great use for all committed to the cause of the earth and its unique ecosystems.

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Carbon Pool of Oak Forests in Central Himalayas, India
Megha Bora and Vir Singh
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Paperback / softback
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Megha Bora and Vir Singh

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