Communication and New Media

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‘Man is a social animal’ said Aristotle. He needs to relate and bond with his environs. How true it is. How important it is for us to communicate. Communication as a study assumes greatest importance in the modern age of time-starved and angst-ridden hi-tech world. Technological revolution has enabled us to communicate faster. This is a sincere effort in understanding the finer nuances of the study of communication, mass communication and new media. The main intention in publishing this book is to serve the growing need to study communication and new media. Every effort has been made to explain with diagrams important models and theories of communication and of mass communication. Various types of communication and stages of interpersonal communication, power relationships, perception and theories of attitudinal changes are included. This book deals with modern concepts in digital communication, modern trends in mass communication and New Media communication technologies across the world. The Mac Bride Report and New World Information and Communication Order are incorporated.


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