Construction Product Data and Building Information Models

ISBN: 9783639072402

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This book presents a solution concept that links
continually updated and extensible life-cycle product
data to a software independent building information
model (IFC) all over the life span of the product
itself. The solution concept has managed to reach a
reliable building information model that is capable
of being kept up to date and containing valid
information about construction products. In the
meantime, the solution concept presented in this book
is capable of referencing, retrieving, updating, and
merging product data at any point in time. A
distributed network application that represents all
the involved parties in the construction product
value chain is simulated by real software tools to
demonstrate the proof of concept of this research
work. The work is entirely based on the IFC
STEP/EXPRESS technologies in addition to Java Remote
Method Invocation and 2D graphics. The research work
presented in this book has won the first ranking
prise in the field of IT in Civil Engineering in the
“Auf IT gebaut 2007” competition in Germany.

Construction Product Data and Building Information Models
Mohamed Nour
VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
Published Date:
Paperback / softback
Product Dim.:
8.66 H x 5.91 W (inches)

Mohamed Nour

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