Contemporary Metabolism

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Despite a new title, Contemporary Metabolism, Volume 1 is actually the third volume in a continuing series and succeeds The Year in Metabolism 1975- 1976 and The Year in Metabolism 1977. As in the earlier volumes, the same internationally recognized authorities review the noteworthy recent devel­ opments in their areas of expertise. In many instances they also address aspects that have not been considered previously. In this volume, Dr. J. Edwin Seegmiller again updates progress in understanding disorders of purine and pyrimidine metabolism. However, particular emphasis is placed on the emerging relationships with immune mechanisms. Dr. Charles S. Lieber is joined by Dr. Enrique Baraona in a continuing review of metabolic actions of ethanol. This chapter examines effects of ethanol on protein metabolism and selected features of lipid metabolism-two areas that were not included in the earlier volumes. Dr. DeWitt S. Goodman’s review of disorders oflipid and lipoprotein metabo­ lism builds on his previous chapters, but much additional attention is directed to a critical analysis of recent advances in epidemiology and lipoprotein structures. In collaboration with Dr. Brian L. G. Morgan, Dr. Myron Winick devotes his entire chapter to a detailed review of the impact of nutrition upon brain development-an overview that has now been rendered possible by the burgeoning recent developments in this area.

Contemporary Metabolism
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