Echoes In The Wind Trilogy

ISBN: 9783845445090

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The continuation of Light is being tested yet again by the relentless meddling of forces of Darkness, intent on conquering the Universe and stopping the coming day of miracles that will reshape and redress the balance of everything within Creation! This 3-in-1 action-packed title under the Tales From The Emerald Wind Series, narrated a space-time bending adventure of the two boys Faizul and Azrun; beginning with an outlandish, horrid scene of a futuristic warfare in which our two characters—already grown up and battle-hardened—were fleeing a horde of computerised war machines intent on eliminating them; and interspersed here and there with scenes from the present timeline—an event that steadily (and stealthily) culminated into a fated collision that would wipe out their entire existence from reality itself if something is not done to fix this! How would our two—erm, I mean four—heroes fare in this situation? Find it out for yourself; heheheh…

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Echoes In The Wind Trilogy
Saifulnizam Shukor
JustFiction Edition
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Paperback / softback
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8.66 H x 5.91 W (inches)

Saifulnizam Shukor

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