Ettore Majorana International Science Series

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This volume documents the proceedings of a symposium on “”Lung in its Environment”” held at the Ettore Majorana ‘Center for Scientific Culture, in Erice, Sicily, between 16th June and 21st June 1980. This was attended by about 200 participants drawn from Europe as a whole, but the majority were from Southern Europe. The discussion was recorded either in English or Italian and the tapes were reduced to a verbatim typescript by the Ente Nazionale Interpreti Congresso. The verbatim typescript has been edited using a few guiding principles as follows:- 1. Titles and honorifics have been eliminated unless the statement is addressed to a specific person. 2. The style of the speakers in the discussion has been preserved as far as possible and not reduced to a strictly grammatical format. 3. Where references to illustrations (e.g., on the blackboard) are made, the comments have been left unaltered and many are understandable. Removing them detracted from the sense. 4. The air of informality in the proceedings has been preserved so far as possible. 5. The responsibility for the discussion rests solely with the editors, and no contributor has had the opportunity of correcting what he said. 6. No manuscript was received from two participants, but the discussion of their presentations has been included since it contains some points of substance. 7.

Ettore Majorana International Science Series
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