Hijacked by the Right



What could possibly go wrong when law enforcement enters into partnership with other societal institutions – government, corporations, religion, and family? The San Diego-based Family Justice Center Alliance co-locates police, prosecutors, domestic violence advocates, chaplains, child protective services, job training programs, and other community services in a single location. On the surface, FJCs may appear to be collaborative, but evidence shows that religious and political conservatives are using the FJC model to financially strangle community-based domestic violence programs and shelters. This extensively researched exposé of the family justice center movement demands a spot on your reading list.

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About the Author

Diane Wetendorf is a life-long advocate who pioneered the field of police officer-involved domestic violence. Her work has resulted in thousands of advocates learning how to safely help survivors, and untold numbers of battered women knowing “they are not alone, they are not exaggerating, and they are certainly not crazy.” Diane is the author of Police Domestic Violence: A Handbook for Victims, the first book written specifically for survivors of police-perpetrated domestic violence; When the Batterer Is a Law Enforcement Officer: A Guide for Advocates; and Crossing the Threshold: Female Officers and Police-Perpetrated Domestic Violence, a ground-breaking book for women in law enforcement. Her latest book, Hijacked by the Right: Battered Women in America’s Culture War, closely examines the San Diego-based Family Justice Center Alliance and the effect of political and religious conservatives on domestic violence services internationally. Her website is AbuseofPower.info

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