Introduction to Residential Layout

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Introduction to Residential Layout is ideal for students and practitioners of urban design, planning, engineering, architecture and landscape seeking a comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of designing and laying out residential areas.Mike Biddulph provides a clear and coherent framework from which he offers comprehensive practical advice for designers of housing developments. Referring to a wealth of international examples, this is a richly illustrated, accessible resource covering the whole range of issues that should be considered byanyone engaging in the planning and design of a new residential scheme.A successful residential development must work on many levels – financial, social and environmental. This book includes analysis of commercial viability, the importance of place making, environmental sustainability and designing accessibility. Mike Biddulph details successful approaches to designing out crime and maximising permeability as part of an integrated approach to urban design.Highly illustrated throughout, this work will show you how to turn design aspirations and principles into practical design solutions. Written without preconceptions, Introduction to Residential Designhighlights the strengths and weaknesses of particular design solutions to encourage both depth of thought and creativity.Mike Biddulph is Senior Lecturer in Urban Design at Cardiff University

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Introduction to Residential Layout
Mike Biddulph
CRC Press
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Paperback / softback
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11 H x 8.5 W (inches)

Mike Biddulph

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