Libya in the Arab Spring

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By examining Libya’s security architecture before and after the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) intervention in 2011, this book aims to answer three questions. First, what were the security patterns in Libya within the Middle East security complex before the Arab Spring? Second, to what extent did the Arab Spring and the revolution and intervention processes in Libya affect this security architecture? And third, what are the implications of the Libyan revolution and the NATO intervention on regional security and on the security sub-complexes of the Middle East in the post-Arab Spring era? The author addresses these issues by providing a micro-level analysis of amity-enmity patterns, power distribution and external power interests.


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About the Author

Ramazan ErdaÄŸ is Associate Professor of International Relations at EskiÅŸehir Osmangazi University in EskiÅŸehir, Turkey. He was also Visiting Scholar from September 2014 to May 2015 with the Program in Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security and the Center for Global Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA. He holds B.A. (2003) in Public Administration from Anadolu University in EskiÅŸehir, Turkey; B.A. (2008) and Ph.D. (2011) in International Relations from Sakarya University, in Sakarya, Turkey. His areas of expertise are Turkey’s foreign policy, international security and foreign aids. He teaches undergraduate courses on Turkey’s foreign policy and political life, graduate courses on current issues in international security and Turkey’s foreign policy.

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