Local Economic Development and the Environment

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A clear and practical examination of complex issues, Local Economic Development and the Environment: Finding Common Ground provides a broad, academic look at the intersection of two important areas for local administrators. In addition to managing development in a strained economic climate, most administrators are also expected to be stewards of the environment. However, economic conditions often leave them with limited options for pursuing economic development and, at the same time, being environmentally mindful. Many find themselves without a clear understanding of the concepts, tools, and best practices available to accomplish this herculean task. Translating complex environmental and economic concepts into easily applicable practices, the book:

  • Gives practitioners the information they need to communicate with consultants, constituents, and officials, and to avoid ideological obstacles
  • Compares regulatory differences between states and other geographical differences
  • Includes examples from across the country to highlight variations in environmental regulations and laws
  • Provides technical, legal, and political insights into the process of pursuing local economic development projects that incorporate protection and awareness
  • Contains case studies that demonstrate the concepts in action, allowing readers to fully grasp the complexities associated with sustainable economic development
  • Discusses how local administrators can balance the economic and environmental needs of the future
Bridging the gap between policy-making intention and outcome, this book connects readers with a larger body of research that not only underpins practical applications but also helps them avoid legal, technical, and political obstacles. It provides an arsenal of best practices and everyday, easy-to-use strategies for optimizing the difficult balance between economic development and environmental protection.

Local Economic Development and the Environment
Susan M. Opp and Jeffery L. Osgood, Jr.
CRC Press
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Susan M. Opp and Jeffery L. Osgood, Jr.

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