Motion Design in Typo Animation Videos

ISBN: 9783639316919

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People receive information by means of different kinds of media and this media can be transferred to the viewer through audio and video with all its complexity. But it does not mean that visual simplicity cannot have a big influence as well, and typo animation is a very good example. Typo animation refers to the technique of expression with animated text. Hence, a large amount of thematic relevance lies in the research of this art, discovering the advantages of this media type and consequently revealing the reasons of its high popularity and big influence on the audience. Firstly, the theoretical basis of motion graphic design in typo animation videos is investigated. Further, three examples of videos are analyzed, with a special focus on relevance to the theoretical part in order to unveil the reasons and purposes of applying particular features in these videos. Finally, a typo animation video is created and analyzed, explaining the origins and aims of using particular features and elements in the created video. The final result can be found online at

Motion Design in Typo Animation Videos
Stanislav Danilov
VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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Paperback / softback
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8.66 H x 5.91 W (inches)

Stanislav Danilov

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