Multimedia Product Selector using X.500 Directory Service

ISBN: 9783845421469

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Multi Media Product Selector (MMPS) system is based on X.500 Directory service. It is a distributed on-line electronic catalogue system, that holds information on construction product data together with bibliographic information of their suppliers. It combines a group of geographically dispersed construction suppliers and distributors in UK using communication network. MMPS system represents the main part of a larger proposed model, integrating several communication technologies (X.500, EMail, and EDI). The complete model provides an integrated business environment and represents a powerful tool for introducing electronic marketing to UK construction industry. To understand the nature of UK construction industry, a study is described which analyses its involvement in IT in general and particularly identify the effects of EDI on the structure of the industry. A survey was carried out to identify the collective awareness and perception of communications technology within the industry. Since the X.500 represents the core of the MMPS system, some of its deployment problems are highlighted, and describes how these problems could be resolved when the Directory service is implemented.

Multimedia Product Selector using X.500 Directory Service
Ali AlSoufi
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Paperback / softback
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8.66 H x 5.91 W (inches)

Ali AlSoufi

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