NATO Science for Peace and Security Series A: Chemistry and Biology

ISBN: 9789048123414

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The terrorist act with sarin gas in the Tokyo underground and the case with the spread of anthrax spores through the U.S. postal system stimulated the development of orga- zation of fight against terrorism on a national and global level. The goal of this wo- shop was assessment of scientific concepts and practical means for management of chemical and biological agents casualties in the area of terrorist attacks with emphasis on improving the problems and situation in Eastern European Countries. In this book are included the results of both theoretical and practical research of chemical and biological terrorism presented during the workshop. Different trends of research to fight against terrorism on both local and governmental level including some Eastern European countries are discussed. The scientific articles are grouped into those areas: – New approaches in counteraction to chemical and biological terrorism – Medical treatment and decontamination of casualties from chemical and biological agents – Diagnosis of exposure to chemical and biological agents – Development of protection against injuries from chemical and biological agents In these articles the following are emphasized: – Some aspects of national and global defense against chemical and biological terrorism – National action plans and global agreements on combating terrorism – The characteristics of the major specific injuries connected with chemical and biological terrorism – Threats of terroristic attacks – Epidemiological and clinical peculiarities, ways of diagnosing, medical tre- ment and preventive health care measures These problems are analyzed from an interdisciplinary perspective.

NATO Science for Peace and Security Series A: Chemistry and Biology
Springer Netherlands
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