Organizational Climate and Commitment in Higher Education

ISBN: 9783838300344

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What would employees say it is like to work in your organization? How can you keep your valued performers? What can improve employee loyalty? The concept of organizational climate captures how employees perceive what it is like to work in their organization. It has been show to influence organizational behavior including employee loyalty. Given the costs of hiring, retaining employees is critical to the success of any organization. In fact, a stable and satisfied workforce is a competitive advantage in today’s turbulent economy. Like all organizations, higher educational institutions must respond to the rapidly changing world while maintaining the quality of education. Christian higher educators have the added need to hire and retain personnel who are committed to the institution’s vision, mission, and Christian ideals. By exploring organizational climate and commitment, this book helps leaders understand how their employees’ perceptions of their workplace impacts employee retention. Subsequently, leaders can proactively devise strategies to create a climate that fosters employee commitment and is characteristic of the name Christian.

Organizational Climate and Commitment in Higher Education
John Thomas
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Paperback / softback
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8.66 H x 5.91 W (inches)

John Thomas

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