Pediatric Sonoencephalography

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Clinical sono-encephalography, although a relatively new technique, is rapidly gaining acceptance in hospital and specialist practice. No problem was involved in its introduction, as the method is self-evidently suitable for the diagnosis of acute and chronic intracranial lesions. As an auxiliary exami­ nation it is, within its limitations, almost ideal: it requires no large invest­ ment in apparatus, it is rapidly done, the patient suffers no discomfort, and there is no risk of complications. In the hands of an experienced examiner, who has a solid grounding in neurological theory and practice to enable him . to interpret his findings, it yields important and reliable information. The use of this method in children requires special knowledge, covering the age of the child, the technique of examination, the range of normality and the interpretation of the pathological findings from the neuropediatric point of view. These special features of pediatric sono-encephalography are seldom discussed in the literature, wide as it is. This monograph is designed to bridge the gap. The book is based on the author’s extensive experience acquired over a number of years in the neuropediatric department of the University Children’s Hospital Heidelberg. Wisely used, pediatric sono-encephalography should provide a useful tool, not only for experts in highly specialized hospital de­ partments, but also for pediatricians, neuropediatricians, child psychiatrists, neurologists and neurosurgeons engaged in more routine clinical work. Heidelberg, February 1971 HORST BICKEL Preface Neuropediatrics has experienced enormous advances within recent years.

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Pediatric Sonoencephalography
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