Public Library Development in Milwaukee and Montreal

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This project compares and contrasts public library
development in Montreal, Quebec, and Milwaukee,
Wisconsin. Specifically, it focuses on the
development of the Central Library in Montreal and
the Milwaukee Public Library. Increasing
urbanization, immigration, industrialization,
boosterism, and support for public education fueled
the discussion about library development in both
cities in the latter part of the nineteenth century.
Religion and ethnicity played central roles in the
development of both libraries, and was especially
crucial, albeit in a detrimental fashion, in the case
of Montreal. The Milwaukee Public Library provides a
typical case study of a library that was established
at the height of the Public Library Movement, which
swept across much of North America around the turn of
the twentieth century. The development of the
Central Library in Montreal, however, was seriously
delayed. Furthermore, funding for the Central Library
in Montreal, and support for public libraries in
Quebec generally, lagged behind the rest of North
America throughout the last century. By examining
the typical case of Milwaukee, the uniqueness of
Montreal’s situation can be appreciated.

Public Library Development in Milwaukee and Montreal
Anne Banda
VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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Anne Banda

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