Quodons in Mica

ISBN: 9783319371887

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This book presents the current knowledge about nonlinear localized travelling excitations in crystals. Excitations can be vibrational, electronic, magnetic or of many other types, in many different types of crystals, as silicates, semiconductors and metals. The book is dedicated to the British scientist FM Russell, recently turned 80. He found 50 years ago that a mineral mica muscovite was able to record elementary charged particles and much later that also some kind of localized excitations, he called them quodons, was also recorded. The tracks, therefore, provide a striking experimental evidence of quodons existence. The first chapter by him presents the state of knowledge in this topic. It is followed by about 18 chapters from world leaders in the field, reviewing different aspects, materials and methods including experiments, molecular dynamics and theory and also presenting the latest results. The last part includes a personal narration of FM Russell of the deciphering of the marks in mica. It provides a unique way to present the science in an accessible way and also illustrates the process of discovery in a scientist’s mind.

Quodons in Mica
Springer International Publishing
Published Date:
Paperback / softback
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9.25 H x 6.10 W (inches)

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