Reinventing The Breast Cancer

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Cancer being a highly complex combination of diseases, it can be studied and understood better by the complex networks in System/Network biology. Here is a novel step to study the relation between drug target network and the corresponding drug network using the advanced concept of proteomics and systems biology and to develop an effective strategy for cancer prevention.104 antimutagens were collected from literature survey. Of this only 81 structure were available and taken from the Pubchem database. The PDB ids of the Breast cancer genes were taken. Docking was performed with the help of Quantum docking software and the docking scores were obtained. The list of gene ids obtained is loaded into the VISANT application. From the data obtained and the various analysis done the antimutagen Beta-Sitosterol obtained from the Black cumin Seeds (Nigella Sativa) shows least RMSD value with the protein 2I1J corresponding to the gene UTP14A indicating that Breast cancer specific drugs are specific for the particular disease gene and not random among the networks. The ligands (Antimutagens) show good response to the specific type of cancer.

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Reinventing The Breast Cancer
Amrendar kumar and Abhilahsa Singh and Biplab Bhattacharjee
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Paperback / softback
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Amrendar kumar and Abhilahsa Singh and Biplab Bhattacharjee

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