Relationship Marketing and CRM in Indian Retail Banking

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The current study examines, for the first time, the validity of pluralism of marketing practices in the context of Indian retail banking. Further, it identifies 29 CRM best practices from across academic and practitioner literature. This list may be helpful to any organization interested in best-in-class CRM deployment. Next, it examines the degree of deployment of these practices in the Indian retail banking sector and identifies 8 banks which demonstrate superior deployment. These banks are further researched to know the finer details of their deployment. These details can be greatly helpful to organizations interested in benchmarking. Further, it checks for the presence of strong association between retail banks deploying a high degree of CRM best practices and the loyalty levels of their high and medium relationship value customers. The findings are interesting and should be really helpful to both academics and practitioners.

Relationship Marketing and CRM in Indian Retail Banking
Kallol Das
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Paperback / softback
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Kallol Das

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