Resurrection of Ancient Egypt

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How often do we question the history of Earth, I once questioned? Who writes history anyway! Writers? Politicians? Or is it only documented as a way to debate that we as human beings have done some useful deeds in our lives? What about the “”unspoken”” side of history… Can our imagination grasp part of it? At least via telepathy, or arithmetical probability, perhaps? Egypt’s history, similar to its present, has always been a riddle. Ancient Egypt belongs to Humanity same as it belongs to Egypt, for it is from the few civilizations on Earth that branched into what we all are today. Thinkers spoke of Ancient Egyptians as aliens from space, infidels, or true gods and goddesses. Some said they were sorcerers, and others believed that they were universal Sufis. This is an experiment by storywriters from eight different countries, using Ancient Egypt and its figures as a muse to reflect the reality of the world we live today. As an Egyptian, Reading and Writing in English is a vital method to maintain “”eye contact”” with the world. We are consumers in reading, but now we owe globalization our own tales, philosophies, and collective collaboration. We therefore pay our debt by this book.

Resurrection of Ancient Egypt
JustFiction Edition
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Paperback / softback
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