Short Yoga Intervention

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Yoga, the 5000-year-old Indian philosophy is the spiritual and cultural heritage of India. The regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 2012 released by Medical Council of India made it mandatory for students to undergo a foundation course including yoga and sports. Scientific research has proven the efficacy of yoga in health science education. However, the literature shows scarcity of data regarding the effectiveness of short yoga intervention on health science students’ perceptions about yoga. This book analyses the perceptions of health science students about physical, psychological and overall benefits of yoga. It identifies the perceived barriers in yoga practice and studies the impact of short yoga intervention on students’ perceptions about yoga. Combination of health science education and ancient wisdom of yoga will promote holistic health for future health professionals. A multidisciplinary team approach of integrating health care model with yoga can facilitate effective health care services to the society. This research work should be especially useful to the professionals in health care, yoga, health science education and Psychology.

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Short Yoga Intervention
Anjali Deshpande
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Paperback / softback
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Anjali Deshpande

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