Smart But Stuck

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Learn how smart people with learning gaps struggle, survive, and achieveSmart But Stuck, Second Edition is an updated look at how smart people with learning gaps can not only overcome them, but become successful in learning—and life. The new edition of this classic explores the emotional aspects of learning disabilities and imprisoned intelligence, showing how—and why—smart people with learning disabilities are resilient in getting help in order to struggle, survive, and achieve. The book also includes new material on the relationship between learning disabilities and neuroscience and a new foreword by Joseph Palombo, Founding Dean of the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago.This unique and compelling new version takes into account that the reader may have a learning disability, so it’s easy to read and understand. Topics build on each other so the reader’s knowledge becomes cumulative without dramatic effect and so emotional, biological, and social issues are easily integrated as the reader learns to turn a learning disability into an advantage. From the author:”Resilience is the capacity to bounce back; in individuals with LD it’s a powerful tool. When people hit the chasm, shame is the outcome. People can withdraw and give up. (Some people take solace in substance abuse to ease the emotional pain.) Others keep trying. In the process of not giving up, people learn to keep hope alive because eventually new opportunities for learning become possible.” Smart But Stuck, Second Edition examines:* imprisoned intelligence and resilience—how does it happen?* shame and resilience* discovery and diagnosis* learning to live with the diagnosis* new reflections* resilience and fulfilling potential* neurocognitive foundations of learning disorders* self-psychology and imprisoned intelligence* psychotherapy* fortitude and flexibility in people with learning disabilities* and much more Smart But Stuck, Second Edition is a must-read for people with learning disabilities and their families, psychotherapists, social workers, educators, parents, vocational counselors, and college counselors.  Please visit for more information.

Smart But Stuck
Myrna Orenstein
CRC Press
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Myrna Orenstein

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