The Legend and Land Battle



The Legend and the Land Battle is a humorous tale about a squirrel named Merle, a skunk named Hunk, and a bunny named Sonny. The mountain they live on has been enchanted so that no animal shall harm another. Go along with the boys as they interact with a story telling bear, and a couple rambunctious cubs full of quick-witted definitions. See what they learn about the area they live in and why it is so special. A legend and a riddle about a bald, badger with a heart on his rump leads to some very unusual treasure. Then see how the animals on the mountain convince the humans they do not want to build there. Cooter may be a little quirky, and wear a bikini top on his head, but the boys soon learn he’s the guy in charge. This action pact story is sure to leave laughing.

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About the Author

Charlene Townsend is the mother of eight children, two dogs, one cat, as well as many fictional animal characters. She has been writing and telling stories to children for over thirty- five years. Charlene received the ‘Heroes Among Us-Instant Hero’ award from American Red Cross in 2009. She currently lives in a small town in Iowa and loves spending time with her family and friends. Her passion is writing, being outdoors and stimulating young imaginations. Charlene fills her stories with humor, intrigue, and adventure in hopes of enticing her readers. To her the greatest sound in the world is a child’s laughter. As an author, her goal is to help as many young minds as possible fall in love with reading. Her philosophy is; if a child learns to love reading, and use their imagination, there isn’t anywhere they can’t go, or anything they can’t do.

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