Therapy in Practice Series

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Be a craftsman in speech, so that thou mayest be strong, for the tongue is a sword, and speech is more valoraus than any fighting. Egyptian Proverb The first duty of a man is to speak; that is his chief business in this world. R. L. Stevensan Memories and Portraits, 1888 Communication is of paramount importance to people. After the 1939-45 war Winston Chur.chill changed from his fighting attitude and advised world planners to adopt ‘jaw, nor war’. The present ‘glasnost’ is also reliant on the power of speech which, when used at its highest level, facilitates understanding. Only human beings possess this power. To illustrate how the acceptance of the automatic nature of speech has come about, consider the following clinical examples. Michael, aged 5;0, is one of identical twins. They have an elder brother of 8;0. Michael has severe cerebral palsy. His brothers are both normal healthy boys. Despite their mother’s experience with his brothers, her greatest hope for Michael was to see him walking. However, after recent discussion and consideration of the situation she is now determined to help Michael to learn to communicate by whatever means is avail­ able to him. She has realized that the essence of a person is in being able to express feelings, desires and opinions as well as in being mobile.

Therapy in Practice Series
Springer US
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Paperback / softback
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