Week In My Knees

ISBN: 9783845445267

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Scarlett Tod didn’t expect the events in one week off of college to happen. She didn’t expect that she was going to be meeting two new boys that she was torn between- Romeo, a rebel who pushes her buttons just the way she hates, and a Cuban dancer, Hidalgo, who is sweet and teaches her to dance with passion, but seems a little too good to be true. She definitely didn’t expect the dead love of her past lives, Heth, to be haunting her dreams, warning her of what comes ahead and reminding her of how romantic and perfect they were. Her messed up family history is one of the only things she can compare to what is going on around her and she still fears the person who ruined and traumatized her childhood will come back to get her. But when people die abruptly and clues lead Scarlett to what may be going on, she has no choice but to crack the secrets of her past lives with Heth while Romeo and Hidalgo both pull at her arms. She has no help when the nightmares become reality, and in one week she has to figure out how to save the people around her, but most of all how to save herself.

Week In My Knees
A. Willow Evans
JustFiction Edition
Published Date:
Paperback / softback
Product Dim.:
8.66 H x 5.91 W (inches)

A. Willow Evans

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