Women Police in India

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Police job is mostly a male dominated occupation around the globe and India is no exemption to it. The involvement of more women in the police profession not only strengthens the police work but also helps in reducing crimes committed by and against women and children. They can strike a balance in the police occupation. The present book is the product of a comparative study among women police of Delhi and Orissa in India. The author examined autonomy in job choice, police adjustment, police behaviour trait and coping strategy used by women police personnel in both police forces of India. The result of the study reveals that better in police behaviour scale predicts better women police behaviour, better adjustment in police profession, healthier coping strategy and autonomy in job choice. The book is highly useful for policy makers, police administrators, researcher and police personnel to understand the issues and challenges underpinning in police system.

Women Police in India
Jisu Ketan Pattanaik
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Published Date:
Paperback / softback
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8.66 H x 5.91 W (inches)

Jisu Ketan Pattanaik

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