Workplace Clinics and Employer Managed Healthcare

ISBN: 9781420092448

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Workplace Clinics and Employer Managed Healthcare: A Catalyst for Cost Savings and Improved Productivity is not another diatribe on the national healthcare problem. Instead, it is a book about what is possible. Mike LaPenna shares with readers the actual experiences of those self-funded employers who are moving healthcare access on-site and directly managing all aspects of their own healthcare delivery system. With the candor he is known for, LaPenna:

  • Examines both the big issues and the nuts and bolts concerns that companies and their employees face
  • Demonstrates the importance of employee participation in the planning
  • Covers when and how to work with hospitals, pharmacies and other vendors
Much is made about turning healthcare delivery into a system that incentivizes wellness rather than profits from illness. This is the one path that assures such an outcome. There are no manuals to help your company achieve this goal, only the lessons to be learned from those who have walked the path. This book shares those lessons with you.

Workplace Clinics and Employer Managed Healthcare
A. Michael La Penna
CRC Press
Published Date:
Paperback / softback
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9.75 H x 6.75 W (inches)

A. Michael La Penna

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