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Disrupting the old publishing model

The traditional publishing model hummed along well for years. Publishers ordered large quantities of books from printers, then stored them in warehouses. When an order came in, out went the title.  That was great, but often thousands of titles were tossed out due to poor forecasting, or other reasons. In fact, over 20% of all books are discarded, due to inefficiencies in the traditional publishing system.  We can do better.  Wasting resources and energy is no longer acceptable. The new PGDirect model is the answer.

Taking a stand against waste

Together with the authors and publishers who’ve chosen to list their books on PGDirect, we’re fighting against waste in the publishing industry. By embracing a zero inventory program, engaging with customers directly, and resolving system inefficiencies, we’re shaking up the status quo. We only print when we get an order

  • Our process eliminates extra steps reducing all redundant and unnecessary transportation, warehousing, and excess labor costs
  • Your books are manufactured using FSC papers whenever possible
  • Your books are delivered faster to the consumer
  • Your books are produced with less impact on the environment                  
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You’re a part of the solution

Social responsibility has been implicit in PG Direct’s business model from the start.  Our dual intent is to create beautifully crafted books delivered to you in a way that respects and uses our resources purposefully.  Afterall, we’re in this together.

Our silver bullet

Our silver bullet may be technology, but it’s not about having the technology; it’s about how it’s used. Time saving automation is built into every phase of manufacturing.  That helps us keep the printed product affordable, while minimizing our carbon footprint.

True book craftsmen

We’re true craftsmen who know books inside and out. It’s all we do! From scanning of book files to the final quality check before shipping, we skillfully guide our books through more than 20 hand labor processes, making sure the finished product is one you can use and enjoy for years.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA
PG Direct is proud to make all of our products right here at our three Midwestern facilities.By making things at home, we create jobs here too.