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  • 11 Oak Street Hardback Version

    11 Oak Street Hardback Version

    Graham Your Price: $12.99
  • 11 Oak Street

    11 Oak Street

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About the Author

Graham Cook grew up as one of six children from an humble background in a dysfunctional family with a dark secret which would affect him all his life. He left school at fifteen and undertook an apprenticeship as a Heating & Ventilation Engineer. Aged twenty-three he started and sold one successful large company after another to companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, each of which, based on the principles of ethics and quality that are his hallmark, made him a very wealthy man at a very early age. However, after accumulating such wealth, he made the worst decision of his life in pandering to the “snob” value of wanting and obtaining an account with the very exclusive Coutts & Co bank, whose mistake despite their esteemed name, led to the chain of events which changed Graham Cook’s life forever, and ended in the abduction of his son and financial ruin. After living in California for years, he returned to the UK penniless and needing to start a business career all over again; he is now the founder and owner of a successful company, building it up from nothing.

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